city line up

My husband is finishing medical school and is currently participating in “the match” for residency. I won’t bore you with the details. But here’s what’s important to know:

After casting a wide interview net, applicants rank the programs that they’d like to attend in order of preference. Programs do the same with candidates. Both submit blind lists to the organization who oversees the process. An algorithm then “matches” candidates and programs. Applicants are then gathered at their respective schools on March 16th at 12pm EST and given an envelope containing ONE binding placement from their list of programs. About eight to ten weeks later they start work.

Last night, we made our rank list. So in May we will be moving to one of the following cities (listed in no particular order):


BOSTON (print by JHill Design)

















CHICAGO (print by albie designs)

















PITTSBURGH (print by loose petals)


BALTIMORE (print by April Hovjacky)


ST. LOUIS (print by oneCANOEtwo)

















PHILADELPHIA (print by Philadelphia Map Co)















ROCHESTER (print by Bird ave)
















and in 49 days we find out which one.


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