I don’t hope for the extravagant and lavish. I savor the romance of the every day.

* Pulling on a favorite sweater and scuffing about in comfy slippers.
* Finding a note in your underwear drawer that says I miss you.
* Marking a beautiful calendar.
* Reading a wonder filled book with my daughter.
* Having candlelit dinners that will inevitably end up on the floor.

Intention. Appreciation. Aspiration.

Seeing the beauty in the ordinary and the significance of simplicity.

Looking for the beautiful, good, and funny – each and everyday.

This chronicle helps me hone and honor that vision. Here I appreciate beautiful things I find and share beautiful things that I experience.


Currently I live in Philadelphia with my husband and daughter. We are expecting a son in early 2012. In May, we are relocating to an unconfirmed location, which we find out on March 16th.

The characters: Adelaide, Tim, Eloise & Josephine – the bulldog. Baby Holden coming in early 2012.

The Beginning – at our farm wedding

taken by the terrific Jen Capone

Eloise on her first birthday

taken by friend and brilliant photographer Katie Clay

Our Family summer 2011

also by Jen Capone

You can chat with me here.

You can also see more of the beautiful things I find here.

This will help explain why I love and am partial to small business.


This is meant to be my creative outlet and a way to keep myself accountable to my own life’s philosophy. If it ceases being fun or cathartic – I will stop. I promise.

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