what a joy it is to have your birthday fall on a Saturday when it’s easy to spend time with your family. All I wanted was a relaxing day of our favorite activities together. Eloise learned to go under water at swim class. We’ve been baking banana bread and are gearing up to make my husband’s family’s traditional chocolate cake, which we will enjoy tonight along with a favorite dinner. Can’t be beat.

The image above is from an Etsy seller who makes fabric and felt birthday banners. One of these banners is on my list of things to find for our family to have for many birthdays to come (along with the birthday chair).



My husband is finishing medical school and is currently participating in “the match” for residency. I won’t bore you with the details. But here’s what’s important to know:

After casting a wide interview net, applicants rank the programs that they’d like to attend in order of preference. Programs do the same with candidates. Both submit blind lists to the organization who oversees the process. An algorithm then “matches” candidates and programs. Applicants are then gathered at their respective schools on March 16th at 12pm EST and given an envelope containing ONE binding placement from their list of programs. About eight to ten weeks later they start work.

Last night, we made our rank list. So in May we will be moving to one of the following cities (listed in no particular order):


BOSTON (print by JHill Design)

















CHICAGO (print by albie designs)

















PITTSBURGH (print by loose petals)


BALTIMORE (print by April Hovjacky)


ST. LOUIS (print by oneCANOEtwo)

















PHILADELPHIA (print by Philadelphia Map Co)















ROCHESTER (print by Bird ave)
















and in 49 days we find out which one.









Anticipation is tough for me. Busyness and doing are much easier. Maybe I’d be able to appreciate the waiting better if simple activities like putting on socks weren’t such a challenge. But at this point, waiting is really all that’s left to be done. And while we wait, we live with place holders…an empty crib, unused bouncy chairs, stacks of diapers, an entire wardrobe…which remind us every second about the little one who will soon join our family (as if the giant belly weren’t reminder enough).

(chalk image above was made by Mia Nolting)

Yesterday I read some posts on a great blog, Under the Sycamore, about a family’s wait for the child they are adopting. Mom, Ashley Ann, happens to be a wonderful photographer and took this image…depicting their waiting experience. How gorgeous.

We often don’t know that we’re about to meet someone who will play a significant role in the rest of our lives. I didn’t know when I was going to meet my spouse or best friends or even my business partner. There is one case though when you do know that you’re about to meet someone very important…your younger siblings. Alongside your parents you’ve likely waited with great anticipation and may already have lots of ideas about what this person and relationship will be like.

We are so excited for Eloise to meet her new baby brother when he arrives. I can’t imagine my life without my brothers. They’ve helped to make me who I am. I was so happy to find these old pictures of us meeting each other for the first time.










My earliest memory is waiting to go see my middle brother in the hospital. I had dressed myself and I sat in a dark hallway (because I couldn’t reach the light switch) for what seemed to be forever waiting for my dad to finally be ready.

Above is a picture of me in the hospital nursery peering into his crib. I’m almost 3.

Six years later we got to meet our youngest brother. It was so exciting.







when i was growing up we had a large wicker chair that we kept in the attic and brought out for people’s birthdays. Naturally, we called it the birthday chair. Today, one of my favorite blogs – Brabourne Farm, has a feature on these peacock chairs. I’d love to find one for our new house and continue the tradition.

















And here are a few shots of the original birthday chair in action at my house…

This weekend Eloise and I went to Wegmans to do a big pre-baby shop. Who wants to bother with the grocery store (even if it is Wegmans) when you have a newborn? We got lots of her favorite crackers and noodles and other pantry favorites. But a fun thing happened in the produce section…an employee group stretch break!

One of the reasons that I love Wegman’s so much is because their unique corporate culture and their commitment to their values and employees. Every once in a while you’ll hear someone come over the loud speaker to tell various departments to stretch or take deep breaths.

On this particular visit, however, we witnessed about 20 employees gather in the produce section and participate in a 10 minute stretching session while someone read out jokes and fun facts. It was cool. We stayed to watch and Eloise learned how to s-t-r-e-t-c-h as a result…(she already knows to take deep breaths when she gets worked up).

As I stood there stretching with Eloise by the apples, I was reminded of occasionally doing Jane Fonda’s workout with my mom when I was little. I’ve never been an exercise fiend but mother-daughter stretching sessions are fun. I’ll be sure to incorporate this into our de-stressing tool box at home. Thanks, Wegmans – it’s always a pleasure.