I’ve spent the month of February in a cocoon with my new little one. We welcomed Matthew Holden (going by Holden) on Jan 31st, 4 weeks from yesterday. There have been lots of little (and big) things to appreciate. I just can’t believe how much the little man has grown already. His big sister has taken a very earnest approach towards her new job and is getting the hang of our new routine and the new vocabulary that comes with it (‘bottle’ and ‘burp’, etc.).

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the little big man so far…

week one












week three









week four



This mild winter has allowed us to spend lots of time outside in the sun, which is perfect for those of us that are 18 months old and full of antsy energy.This speed bump has provided hours of entertainment. We walk up, we walk down, we walk back and forth. She has a whole little marching routine down.

When I was growing up there was always, always snow on the ground for my birthday (Jan 28th). Even if it seemed unlikely, a storm inevitably would crop up just before my big day. This winter at least, I’m glad things are different.

Having kids has made me appreciate the importance of taking care of your skin. There’s nothing like baby soft to hammer home just how much damage you’ve done. Still, I have a hard time finding products I love that actually make a long-term difference in the way my skin feels.

One thing I’ve never tried is a skin oil, which I’ve been seeing a lot about lately.

A recent article in the WSJ profiled stylist Linda Rodin and her skin care line, Olio Lusso. She preaches the importance of essential oils as a part of regular skin care. I’m not sure about you, but I always think women who look like this know what they are talking about.













As an early birthday present to myself I got an Organic Om Facial at a nearby spa. It was heavenly. One of the products they used was a face oil called Pumpkin Night Serum. I happily brought home a bottle. I’m excited to use it…especially since my night time routine is guaranteed to be anything but luxurious for the next several months.